Kyrgyzstan follows the world trends, and actively takes responsible steps towards sustainable development and protecting nature. The country's government is also taking necessary measures in this field. Every year, the number of vehicles using electricity as fuel is increasing on the roads of our country. Local drivers of electric cars, as well as all those who are considering the purchase of vehicles operating entirely on electric power, need access to a network of quality charging stations. A sufficient number of quality "fast charging" stations not only in major cities, but also along the main highways of our mountainous country will allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles on the road when they need to travel longer distances than the range of their electric vehicle allows. 

As part of its DCB GREEN program, Doscredobank was the first to install free electric fast-charging stations. The country’s first EV charging station was opened in the Boom Gorge, close to the Ak Zhol café, along the main highway of our mountainous country. The station offers fast charging for electric vehicles and is open 24 hours a day.

The second free EV charging station was opened in GUM “Chynar” with a capacity of two charging points. It is located in the mall’s parking lot and allows you to charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. This fast EV charging station is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. Doscredobank intends to continue working in that direction, as it is only the first step toward developing an infrastructure of high-quality fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.