The loan amount

From 200,000 to 12,000,000 KGS

From 3 to 60 mnt.



Loan currency:

  • Kyrgyz som

Loan repayment schedule:

  • Monthly, principal and interest in annuity payments;
  • Monthly equal installments;
  • Flexible repayment schedule.

Disbursement period:

  • Not more than 5 business days from the date of submission of the full package of documents


  • Immovable property;
  • Purchased immovable property;
  • As an additional collateral - other immovable property, movable property, deposit account in OJSC “Dos-Credobank”.

Who can get this type of loan:

Individual (private) entrepreneurs and individuals:
1.      Individuals with a stable source of income within 6-12 months prior to the submission of an application for a loan, supported by a salary certificate or other documents confirming the availability of income;
2.      Individual (private) entrepreneurs having a stable business, operating for at least 6 months with proof of the existence of an active business (patent, license, certificate of individual entrepreneur and other documents);
3.      Individual (private) entrepreneurs having at least 6 months of experience in animal husbandry or 2 seasons in crop production, agriculture, horticulture with supporting documents.

Necessary documents for consideration of the application:

  • Copies of the passport of a borrower, guarantor, mortgager, seller (copy of the spouse’s passport (and), marriage certificate) verified with the original;
  • Salary certificate of the borrower and guarantor for the last 6-12 month, indicating the deductions, statement of the card account or other document confirming the availability of income for the last 6-12 months;
  • Patent, license (if any), certificate of individual entrepreneur or other documents confirming the existence of an active business;
  • Other business documents;
  • Certificate from the rural administration on the availability of livestock/land share;
  • local municipal statement of residence of a borrower, guarantor (at the discretion of the Credit Committee);
  • Title documents for collateral;
  • Extract from the Unified state register of real property rights.

To calculate the loan

Time (months)
Detailed information
The loan amount
Monthly fee
The amount of interest for the entire loan term
The total amount
Monthly fee
Principal debt
The rest
The interest rate


Apply for a loan in just 3 steps

3 easy steps to get loan

Contact the office of “Dos-Credobank”

Fill in the application form and prepare the necessary documents

Submit the completed Application Form and documents

To apply for a loan