Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee is a written obligation of a bank to pay a certain amount of money to a customer in case of failure to fulfill the agreement by the supplier.

“Dos-Credobank” OJSC provides bank guarantees to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities - residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The Bank issues the following types of guarantees:

Tender guarantee ensuring liability bidder / tender participant;

Guarantee of performance of obligations under a contract/agreement (ГОИД);

Payment guarantee

Down payment guarantee

To obtain a guarantee, the client (Principal) is required to provide the bank with guarantee in the form of:

Money: in the guarantee currency covering 100% of the guarantee amount or in a currency other than the guarantee currency 120% covering the guarantee amount;

List of documents (cash guarantee)
List of documents (real estate guarantee)

Commission for guarantee providing:






Secured guarantee in the amount of up to 3500000 soms (equivalent according to NBKR rate) including

Som Dollar Euro Rubls Tenge Other

1 % - 1,5 %

Minimum 2000 soms

From 3500000 to 10000000 soms (equivalent according to NBKR rate) including

0,6 % - 1 %

From 10000000 and above (equivalent according to NBKR rate) including

0,3 % - 0,6 %

Another secured guarantee up to 10000000 soms equivalent according to NBKR rate including

2 % - 5 %

Minimum 4000 soms

From 10000000 and above (equivalent according to NBKR rate) including

1 % - 2 %

Guarantee conditions change, bank guarantee line 5000 soms

5 000 сом

* Commission is withheld from the guarantee sum on a one-time basis

Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee is an effective and reliable way to ensure fulfillment of obligations

Guarantee conditions change

Changes in conditions are considered on the basis of a written application of the client (Principal), after the payment by the client (Principal) of a commission consideration of the application in the amount of 5,000 soms. Changing the conditions of the guarantee is made by decision of the Credit Committee of the Bank. The guarantee expires within the time period specified in the guarantee or in cases provided for in the Bank Guarantee Agreement.

At registration the borrower bears all expenses related to the payment of state fees and duties at the notary's office, at the State Registration Service or at the Collateral Registration office.

To confirm the authenticity of the guarantee issued by the Bank, it is necessary to send a written request to the address of the Bank's Head Office (Bishkek, Chui Ave., 92, 6th floor (GUM "Chynar") or to the official email address of the bank:

Only three steps for registration of bank guarantee

Make a request

Prepare documents

Sign a contract