Business loan

The loan amount

From 5,000 to 8,000,000 KGS

From 3 to 36 mnt.

from 22.0%

“Business” loan

Loan for:

Business expanding

Replenishment of working capital

Equipment purchase

Business projects

Term of loan issuance:

No more than 5 working days from the date of the provision of a full package of documents


  • The property
  • Motor transport (passenger, freight, passenger)
  • Personal property of the Client / Pledger (furniture, household appliances, livestock, etc.)
  • Equipment (including container and pavilions)
  • Gooods in turnover
  • Other types of collateral that meet the requirements of the Bank by Decision of the Credit Committee.


By decision of the Credit Committee

To calculate the loan

Time (months)
Detailed information
The loan amount
Monthly fee
The amount of interest for the entire loan term
The total amount
Monthly fee
Principal debt
The rest

Who can get this type of loan?

1. Individual entrepreneurs, legal entities and individuals having a stable business with confirmation (patent, license, certificate of individual entrepreneur, etc.) valid for at least 3 months (without interruption before applying for a loan)

The amount Interest Time
From 5,000 to 300000 KGS 26-29% 3 - 24 mnt.
From 75 to 3000 USD 18% 3 - 24 mnt.
From 300,001 to 500000 KGS 23-25% 3 - 36 mnt.
From 3,001 to 7000 USD 16-17% 3 - 36 mnt.
From 500,001 to 8000000 KGS 22% 3 - 36 mnt.
From 7,001 to and up to USD 15% 3 - 36 mnt.
The interest rate

* Effective interest rate: KGS - from 16,5% (Attention! Calculation of the effective annual interest rate is carried out individually in each case. Consult a credit expert of the Bank)

Credit line

Credit line - if necessary, you can open a credit line up to 3 years, in which it is possible to receive several tranches within the open limit of the credit line.

Attention! The calculation of the effective annual interest rate is carried out in each case individually. Consult with a credit expert of the Bank

How to get a loan

3 easy steps to get loan

Visit Dos Credobank offices

Fill up an application and prepare necessary documents

Pass filled application and documents

To apply for a loan