The Second Phase of the cooperation project on the installation of a civic air-monitoring network by the environmental organization MoveGreen https://movegreen.kg/ covered Six Doscredobank Savings Banks located in the southern region of our country. The installed network of sensors will measure air quality in the villages and districts; regional centers and cities of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken regions.


Doscredobank customers, local residents and all caring and responsible citizens of our country have access to independent, real-time data showing local air quality. Independent and always current indicators create an objective picture of air pollution in public areas and can serve as baseline data for environmental analysis and various public initiatives for the responsible development of our society.


The network of civic air monitoring sensors are located at the following locations in the southern region of Kyrgyzstan.


Doscredobank Savings Bank №037-04-41, 11/2 Chekhov Str., Jalal-Abad city.



Doscredobank Savings Bank №037-04-37, 1 Dakan Palvan Str., Suzak village, Jalal-Abad region.



Doscredobank Savings Bank №037-05-36, Lenin Str., Kara-Suu town, Osh region.



Doscredobank Savings Bank №037-05-43, 275 Shakirov Str., Osh city, Osh region.



Doscredobank Savings Bank №037-04-15, 2 Koshuev Str., Uzgen town, Osh region.



Doscredobank Savings Bank №037-05-12, 14/2 Nurgazyev Str, Batken town, Batken region.