The head office of Doscredobank implements the practice of separate collection and disposal of waste for employees and customers of the bank, as part of the implementation of the Green Office Standards. Specialized places and containers are arranged according to the criteria of waste management of Tazar public movement -https://www.instagram.com/tazar.app.  Agreements have been made with contractors for the removal of waste and records are kept of waste collected and handed over for recycling. The Bank employees had trainings on a regular basis on the topic of waste management. A designated responsible person from among the Bank’s employees monitors compliance with these requirements on an ongoing basis. 

The above measures are not only a responsible step in protecting the environment, but are also the implementation of the "waste to profit" concept. By participating in it, every employee or customer of Doscredobank is able to make a personal contribution to the fight against landfills and receive bonuses to buy environmentally friendly products and household goods. This type of incentive is intended to attract more public attention to the issue of ecology and become an incentive to develop responsible behavior in society.