The most important advantage of solar energy is its sustainability. Using such a source of energy, does not consume natural resources and minimizes the negative impact of energy consumption on the environment. Converting the sustainable energy of the sun into electrical energy for the needs of humanity is the optimal development path for everyone. Solar panels, which directly convert solar energy into direct electric current, are an excellent solution for Kyrgyzstan, where there are more than 300 sunny days a year.

Doscredobank installed modern solar panels to power the lighting and communication systems of the Bank's Head Office in Bishkek supporting initiatives to reduce the negative impact on the environment and expressing environmental responsibility. The commitment to protecting the environment through the efficient consumption of resources has allowed our Bank to partially switch to an alternative energy source, as well as saving on energy supply for office operations. With the solar panels installed, the evening and night hours of the 24-hour customer service branch at Doscredobank's Head Office have been made possible, without the cost of electricity. This responsible step towards the environmental safety of the country is part of our Bank's strategy and will be supported on an ongoing basis.