25 April 2022 18:04

Signing of a memorandum with the Public Movement "Tazar"

Doscredobank continues to implement the principles of the "Green Office", using the basic practices of an environmentally friendly approach to waste management. In this regard, today a memorandum was signed with the Public Movement Tazar

The mission of the Tazar company is to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by systematizing the delivery of recyclable materials in Kyrgyzstan. To this end, the company has developed the Tazar mobile application with coordinates for the sale of secondary raw materials, which popularizes the sorting of waste from the secondary use of raw materials and promotes a more careful attitude to resources. The application searches for places for recycling in Bishkek on the city map, tells how and to whom to donate plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, polyethylene, etc., supporting the work of organizations that recycle waste and carry out an educational function, as well as how reuse resources in order to do less harm to the environment.

In addition, within the framework of the DCB Green program, at the Head Office of Doscredobank, Tazar employees conducted a training on efficient waste management.

We express our gratitude to Tazar for the information received!