PROMOTION for Ecotourism “green” loan

PROMOTION for Ecotourism “green” loan, aimed at the development of the tourism sector and the introduction of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

For what purposes is “Eco-tourism” issued?

  • insulation of buildings to reduce heating and cooling costs;
  • introduction of green and renewable power source technologies;
  • water saving - drip irrigation, sewage treatment plants and rainwater harvesting;
  • improving heating, cooling and ventilation systems;
  • energy-efficient lighting and energy-efficient and water-saving equipment;
  • purchasing garbage bins for waste sorting, as well as purchasing plastic packing press;
  • other energy conservation and resource-saving measures.

Who can obtain an “Eco-tourism” loan?

1) Individual (private) entrepreneurs with experience in tourism and hotel services for at least 6 months, with supporting documents

2) Legal entities: cafes, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, yurt towns, sanatoriums and hospitals.

Loan conditions:

✅over KGS 1 million at 15% p.a.,

✅up to 1 million inclusive at 17% p.a.

Why is Eco-Tourism a profitable loan?

We provide 10% cashback (return of paid interest on loan) to our clients after full loan repayment.

If you work in fields of HoReCa and tourism, our partners and PERETO experts are ready to provide you with FREE consulting services that will help to reduce your operating costs and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Doscredobank – it is easy and profitable with us.

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The promotion is valid until January 31, 2023

Effective interest rate: up to KGS 1 million- 17% p.a., annual effective interest rate 17.77% (up to 3 years), over KGS 1 million-15%p.a., annual effective interest rate 15.51% (up to 5 years))+ 10% cashback  on interest paid.

Attention! The calculation of the effective annual interest rate is carried out individually in each case. Consult a credit expert of the Bank.