03 August 2022 15:08

The joint project of Doscredobank and Navi Taxi for the benefit of the ecology and economy of Kyrgyzstan.

Within the framework of the DCB Green internal project, Doscredobank financed the purchase of twenty new electric vehicles and provided favorable redemption terms for the local Navi taxi service.

Now Navi Taxi drivers can purchase e-vehicle in installments without a down payment, for up to 3 years and immediately start working and monthly payments.

The joint project of Doscredobank and Navi Taxi not only creates new jobs for drivers, but also contributes to the ecological improvement of the country.

Doscredobank is already implementing a project to develop the infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles, which will allow charging electric vehicles in a minimum of 30-40 minutes.

As part of the DCB Green project from Doscredobank, e-vehicle can be purchased and gasification services can be arranged in installments on favorable terms throughout the country.

We approach environmental issues with special awe, striving to make life more ecological. And that is why we tackled head-on the development of a program that would help bring more environmentally friendly products at minimal cost.

Environment-oriented future is in our hands, switch to electric car with Doscredobank.