16 April 2022 11:04

Doscredobank employees planted trees on Erkindik (Dzerzhinsky) Boulevard

On such a beautiful spring day, the love and care of nature for us is felt even stronger. When the sun's rays carefully warm us, and the cool wind gives a feeling of lightness and freshness.

Today, on Erkindik (Dzerzhinsky) Boulevard, a solemn planting of 25 oak seedlings took place, timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Bank, which will grow and help the ecosystem of our city!

We thank our colleagues from the Bereket branch, the Central branch and the Head Office, who took part in this event!

We express special gratitude to the mayor's office of the city of Bishkek and SE "Zelenkhoz" for the opportunity to plant trees and direct assistance in planting them!

Taking care of nature means helping it to create something new and protecting what has already been created by it. It is in our power to create an environmentally friendly future for our country. Let's take care of nature together!

Take care of yourself and nature, taking care of you, Doscredobank

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