09 August 2022 17:08

Doscredobank switches to electric cars

Doscredobank approaches environmental issues of our country with special awe, for this very reason we are actively implementing the DCB GREEN program, which would help to bring more ecological products into our lives.

Adhering to the eco-friendly operating principles, Doscredobank is switching to the use of electric vehicles and today our Bank has purchased the first two electric vehicles for corporate purposes of employees. Now road trips have become not only effective, but also environmentally friendly.

Well, we remind that we have a loan program DCB GREEN – ECOAUTO - loan/installment for purchasing an electric, hybrid or gas traction vehicle, installation of gas equipment for commercial and consumer purposes, issued both through the Bank’s partners and in cash.

You can always get up-to-date information on loan terms via

Call center 8686 (call are free for mobile phones)

or WhatsApp 0 225 00 8686

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