22 August 2022 14:08

Doscredobank became a member of “Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan”.

One of the components of the mission of Green Alliance is promotion of green financing principles. Doscredobank is one of the first in the market of financial services of Kyrgyzstan, which offers green financing for the nation with careful attention to environmental protection, combating the adverse effects of climate change, reducing air emissions, and the preservation of the country’s ecosystem.

Within the framework of the DCB Green project from Doscredobank, the Bank actively offers green loans fir electric vehicles, the installation of gas equipment and the introduction of energy-saving green technologies in the tourism sector and many other things. Most recently Doscredobank opened the first electric charging station that can be used by drivers for free.

Doscredobank is an up-to-date bank that promotes eco-friendly lifestyles and introduces green principles through its services. We are pleased that our missions with the “Green Alliance” coincide - we have united for the promotion of green economy and sustainable development of our country.