30 November 2022 08:11

Doscredobank opened a free charging station in GUM “Chinar”

Drivers of electric vehicles can use the charging station in GUM “Chinar” totally free of charge. There
are two charging ports in charging station, which allows two electric vehicles to be charged at the
same time.

The charging station is located in the parking lot of the mall.
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00

Doscredobank is active in the implementation of the “DCB Green” program, introducing eco-friendly
products that are aimed at environmental impact reduction.

“We strive to contribute to a cleaner and more stable environment and to support green transport.
One of the measures in this direction is the opening of charging stations for electric vehicles,
because switching to electric vehicles significantly reduces the level of air pollution”, - noted in the

Within the framework of “DCB Green” you can buy electric vehicles by installments, construct a
house from eco-friendly materials, get gasification services, install energy-efficient equipment at
tourist spots, open a green deposit and use funds for agricultural development.

For more information call 8686 (call from mobile is free).