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MoneyGram is an international system of urgent money transfers, which allows you to quickly and securely send funds worldwide. MoneyGram services are provided in 200 countries in more than 345 thousand service points. In different countries, MoneyGram cooperates with commercial and state banks, national postal services, chain supermarkets, retail stores and chains, travel agencies, etc.

You can send or receive a money transfer in any country in the world where there is MoneyGram, in any branch of the system.

How send and receive money transfers

To come to the Dos Credobank point convenient for you during the hours of his work with an identity document

Inform the Bank’s specialist about the country and city of destination of transfer, full name of the recipient and the amount of sending

Sign the application for sending the transfer, make the transfer amount and the commission for sending it to the checkout

Receive a transfer code from a Bank specialist and inform its recipient