12 September 2023 10:09

Notification for clients of SB "Alkanov"

Dear customers!

Please take into account that from September 15, 2023, due to the repair work on the Alkanov market, the Alkanov savings bank will not be able to serve customers until the end of the repair work.

We will inform you about the resumption of the work of the savings bank additionally.

You can get services at the nearest branch:

  • Dordoi 1 -  ТРК «Дордой», территория ОсОО "Дордой Базары", конт №3, Северная стоянка "Шымкентская" - восточная часть
  • Chimkent  - ул. Кожевенная, 1, контейнер с бортовым номером 53Д, 54Д 1 и 2 этаж.

Bank's call center: 8686