30 January 2023 10:01

Save electricity

We are adding a column for those who are ready to take a new look at environmental problems and are truly interested in their solution.

A lot of people do not know that even a turned off computer, TV or printer still consume electricity causing considerable environmental damage. If you are not using certain devices, it is better to unplug them from the power outlet. The same applies to smartphone chargers and other gadgets.

Energy is an integral part of our lives and it is impossible to imagine life without modern technology. However, if energy-saving and energy-efficient appliances are used, this will significantly reduce demand for electricity and reduce environmental load.

Within the framework of DCB GREEN program, it is possible to build a house from environmentally friendly materials, install energy-efficient equipment, get gasification services and install treatment facilities on tourist spots at the most favorable conditions on credit or in installments!

Let’s take care of the nature together!