17 June 2022 18:06

Doscredobank: 25 years of success!

Dear friends! Doscredobank is celebrating its birthday on June 18. We are 25 years old!

Due to the hard and united work of our team our bank is developing, expanding the partner network and credit products line, creating radically new programs and projects.

We constantly work on improving business processes to become better and positively surprise customers with service quality and products. We strive to maintain our core mission by providing financial services of the highest quality and at the highest speed, for the benefit of people and society by using innovation and advanced technology.

Doscredobank is concerned about the convenience of the people, which is why we:

  • have opened more than 45 cash outlets throughout Kyrgyzstan;
  • became the first bank with 24-hour service in the cities of Bishkek and Osh;
  • have a wide network of partners within the country and abroad;
  • are the issuer of e-money O!Dengi, Balance, Megapay, Umai.kg ;
  • are developing a socially responsible business, we have launched the DCB Green program, which is in our opinion a major step in ensuring a bright and environmentally friendly future for our country.
  • The program consists of components such as “green lending”, “green” office standards: separate collection and disposal of waste, introduction of energy-saving technologies in the offices of the bank, use of solar panels, air-quality measurement, production of environmental souvenir products for customers using recycled materials, etc.
  • One of the significant events of this year was the receipt by the Bank of Technical assistance from the Green Climate Fund for further expansion and implementation of the DCB Green program.

        Today, more than 700 employees work in a close-knit team, promoting Kaizen’s corporate culture and striving for continuous improvement.  

         We value our employees and do everything to improve the working conditions in our bank. In addition to the basic leave, employees of the Bank are provided compensated absences on their Birthdays and on the birth of a child, quarterly paid “Family Day” two-day leave. Moreover, the Bank invests in self-education of employees, improvement of their qualifications, holds trainings. The bank also provides interest-free loans for self-study, self-development and acquires technical means for their implementation.   Social, educational and recreational projects for employees allow them to work in a comfortable and friendly environment, making them happier and motivating for new achievements.

         As a socially responsible bank, Doscredobank implements various charitable projects. Thus, in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, the Bank provided financial assistance and supported the full-scale operation of the hospital for 120 beds, provided assistance in purchasing oxygen concentrators for hospitals in Osh, Jalalabat, Naryn, Issyk-Kul and Chui regions.  The Bank also actively participates in educational projects, supporting orphanages, schools, chess organizations, kindergartens on Jailoo.

 With respect and gratitude, Doscredobank!