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Zolotaya Korona money transfer system is instant money transfers without opening an account in Russia, the CIS and to foreign countries. The system partners are over 250 banks throughout the CIS.

Tariffs: 0.95% of the transfer amount

Zolotaya Korona money transfer service is part of the Financial Technology Center Group of Companies.

The service has been operating in the money transfer market without opening an account since 2003 and provides services in Russia and neighboring countries.

"Zolotaya korona" guarantees:

The most convenient money transfer sending network in the trading networks Svyaznoy, Euroset, MTS, TNK-BP; specialized network for sending and issuing transfers through banks;

Transfer speed - it can be received one second after sending;

Addresslessness - when making a transfer, only the country and city where the transfer is sent must be indicated;

The recipient himself will be able to choose the point of delivery most convenient for him; low tariffs on transfers to the CIS and Russia - from 0.5%; SMS notification of the status of the transfer; the ability to monitor the status of the translation on-line on the system’s website

How send and receive money transfers

To come to the Dos Credobank point convenient for you during the hours of his work with an identity document

Inform the Bank’s specialist about the country and city of destination of transfer, full name of the recipient and the amount of sending

Sign the application for sending the transfer, make the transfer amount and the commission for sending it to the checkout

Receive a transfer code from a Bank specialist and inform its recipient