Lady in green

The "Lady in Green" gender funding program aims to support women's leadership. Organizations in the waste management sector and other sectors involved in the generation of waste, led by women or with a significant female presence in management, the Program will provide an opportunity to receive funding at a low remuneration rate (6% per annum).

The funds can be used to introduce or improve the system of separate waste collection, modernize processes, purchase the necessary equipment and equip places for collecting and processing waste.

Who can get a loan?
Women are individual (private) entrepreneurs and legal entities, where the main shareholders are women or women act as an executive body:

- having a stable business operating for at least 6 months with confirmation of the presence of an operating business (patent, license, IP certificate or other documents) with employment in the field of:
- social enterprises engaged in the sector of collection, transportation, sorting, processing and disposal of household waste (with a focus on waste from packaging containers - plastic, glass, tin containers, paper, cardboard);
- business entities that generate a large amount of household waste represented by packaging (plastic, glass, paper, etc.)

Purpose of lending:
- To support the processes of collecting secondary raw materials (acquisition of containers, trash cans, specialized transport, etc.), sorting (specialized equipment) and storage (containers, etc.);
- For the purchase of small-sized equipment or inventory for the introduction or improvement of a system for the separate collection and storage of waste for further transfer for processing (paper, glass, plastic, etc.)
- For the modernization of existing premises / industries or technological processes to reduce the generation of waste
- For the construction, reconstruction, overhaul or modernization of facilities for storage and processing of secondary housing
- To complete facilities for the production of secondary raw materials (purchase and installation of small-sized equipment, purchase of spare parts for existing equipment)

Loan currency: SOM
Loan amount: from 100,000 to 400,000 soms
Loan term: 12 months
Interest rate: 6% per annum
Effective % rate: 6.17%

Repayment schedule:
- monthly, principal and interest in annuity payments
- monthly equal installments
- flexible repayment schedule

Provided collateral for loans (at the discretion of the Credit Committee)
- real estate
- movable/personal property
- motor vehicle

Required documents for obtaining a loan:
- Copies of the passport of the borrower, guarantor, mortgagor (copy of the spouse's passport, marriage certificate) verified with the original
- Patent, license (if any), IP certificate, or other documents confirming the existence of an existing business
- Statutory documents of a legal entity (charter, memorandum of association, decisions, orders, accounting reports)
- Certificate from the village council on the availability of livestock / land share

- Certificate from the place of residence of the borrower, guarantor (at the discretion of the Credit Committee)
- Legal documents of collateral
- Extract from the unified state register of rights to real estate

Call center: 8686

30 January 2023

Save electricity

Unplug appliances

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08 December 2022

Простые привычки, которые помогут сохранить экологию

Простые привычки, которые помогут сохранить экологию

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01 December 2022

PROMOTION for Ecotourism “green” loan, aimed at the development of the tourism sector and the introduction of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

PROMOTION for Ecotourism “green” loan, aimed at the development of the tourism sector and the introduction of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

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01 December 2022


Within the framework of the promotion, affordable loans will be provided for animal husbandry, crop production, processing of agricultural products.

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30 November 2022

Doscredobank opened a free charging station in GUM “Chinar”

Drivers of electric vehicles can use the charging station in GUM “Chinar” totally free of charge. There are two charging ports in charging station, which allows two electric vehicles to be charged at the same time.

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24 November 2022

The future belongs to the environment

Kyrgyzstan Green Investment Forum

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22 November 2022

Представители GIP и МФЦА посетили офис Doscredobank

В ходе встречи Руководство банка, представители GIP и МФЦА обсудили реализацию текущих проектов, а также перспективы дальнейшего сотрудничества.

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18 November 2022

Doscredobank introduced the first “Green” deposit in Kyrgyzstan!

Within the DCB Green program, Doscredobank has introduced a new product for legal entities - Green Deposit into its deposit line. The deposit yield is up to 14% per annum in national currency.

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16 November 2022

Do you control the air quality?

The problem of air pollution, which is an important environmental problem worldwide, has not bypassed Kyrgyzstan.

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03 October 2022

DOSCREDOBANK is the first bank in the Central Asian region to sign the Green Investment Principles as part of the Belt and Road initiative

For DOSCREDOBANK, the status of signatory gives access to green projects for the region “One belt, one road”, capacity building activities (trainings, seminars), as well as tools and case studies for the implementation of the Principles.

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